Behind every successful venture is a village. This is ours.

The Founding Board of Directors is made up of brewery, distillery, and restaurant representatives as well as writers, educators, and media professionals. They all have a vested interest in promoting craft libations in Pittsburgh.


Jason Cercone | Executive Director

I’ve been basking in the awesomeness that is the Pittsburgh libations landscape for the past 10 years and, for the last four, have been doing my part to promote and enhance the scene through Breaking Brews. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a fan of adult beverages. But, even more affectionately, I’ve been all about the experiences and memories they create. I started Pittsburgh Libations Week because this city’s drinking community deserves a platform that puts our exceptional culture in the brightest of spotlights. We will do that and much more with Pittsburgh Libations Week. I can’t express strongly enough how excited I am for what we are going to collectively accomplish. 

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Tom Marshall | President

Thomas Poet Marshall III is the president of Pittsburgh Libations Week and also the sales and marketing manager for Full Pint Brewing Company in North Versailles (/ver-sigh/). Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, Tom started off his professional career as a teacher and was a teetotaler until he was nearly twenty-five. However only a few months into his time into education field, he was driven to the drink and developed a true passion for craft beverages (beer especially). After only five years into teaching, he realized being an educator wasn't for him, and he could make a living from his new hobby, craft beer. During his time at the helm of the sales department of Full Pint Brewing (a position he has held for over four years), Tom grew the brewery's sales and created many successful brands (HOPism, Social, T-Funk, AleSatan, etc).

If he's not selling or drinking craft beer, Tom is watching baseball, listening to music, or quoting The Simpsons and Mad Men.

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Jaron Barton | Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Jaron Barton and I am a mild mannered pharmacist by day and host of the Craft Beer Industry podcast by night. (Once every other week, but still…) I started my podcast about 2 years ago and in that time have developed great relationships with many members of the craft beer scene here in Pittsburgh, including many fellow members of the Pittsburgh Libations Week board. I am excited to be part of the Pittsburgh Libations Week team to help bring a unique drinking experience to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas that embraces all aspects of the libations scene. While I am a craft beer guy through and through, collaboration between the wine, spirits and craft beer scene will make Libations Week events stand out from the crowded event environment that we experience these days. Aside from exploring the ever expanding Pittsburgh craft beer scene, I am one of the few remaining true boxing fans. (As you can tell from my Twitter handle, @BoxingandBeer). If you want to talk boxing, or anything involving Pittsburgh Libations Week, feel free to contact me on Twitter or shoot me an email at


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Natalie kiro | Secretary & Education

Works for: Brooklyn Brewery 

Why I Joined PLW: I'm looking forward to working alongside all those involved in libations. I'm obviously invested in craft beer, but Pittsburgh has amazing spirits, wine, cider, whatever your heart desires.  Working collaboratively with the amazing talent we have right here in the ‘Burgh is a privilege and something to celebrate.

Favorite PA Beer Festivals: I do a lot of beer festivals, but my favs are Zoo Brew (good beer, music, and…elephants?!), Beers on the Bay in Erie (few things compete with imbibing on the Bayfront…beautiful), and Brews and Brats at Nemacolin (kegs races, beer…whole smoked turkey legs?!). 

Favorite Beer: Depends on what I'm eating. Like when I'm eating a “spicy 10 Thai dish” I want a Sorachi Ace. 

Favorite Cocktail: Anything with a good aged rum or a smooth tequila. A tequila old fashioned could definitely be my deathbed drink of choice (preferably prepared at Acacia). 

“Brooklyn Brewery stands for something good.  In fact, we kinda think that maybe we stand for everything good.” Garrett Oliver

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Constance Zotis.jpg

Constance Zotis | Event Development & Sponsorships

Director of Ops at The Modern Cafe & Event Specialist for Dickerson Creative Communications. I've been raised in the F&B/Hospitality industry since I was 6 when my mother Irene bought The Modern. I've done everything from slinging beers to running damage control at weddings. I'm excited to be apart of the PLW board and to team up with the burgh's greatest minds to bring something new to Pittsburgh that incorporates everyone in the Libations industry! Cheers to a great year ahead!

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Angelica Ross | Marketing

Angelica Ross is a content creator who writes copy for fearless women entrepreneurs. She’s a storyteller by nature and loves finding the right words that connect with an audience.

She found the world of craft beer after imbibing on too much “yellow fizzy stuff” in college. As the term gateway beer says, once she had that first enjoyable beer, it was over; the craft world had her. It led her to write Hops and the City, an exploration of Pittsburgh’s beer scene in the quest of learning about this miraculous new beverage discovery, for Breaking Brews.

There are so many wonderful people making awesome libations in Pittsburgh. Using her powers of writing for good instead of evil, she’s thrilled to connect these makers and purveyors to their adoring audience as the Marketing Chair of PLW.

She believes in the power of a new notebook, the healing properties of cinnamon rolls, and that she’s four people according to the serving size of most recipes. At the end of the day, there’s nothing better than a juicy IPA or a whiskey on the rocks.

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Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 10.31.43 PM.png

Pete finney | spirits

Pete Finney came to Pittsburgh by way of Flying Dog and now works with Wigle Whiskey. He was recently voted "Best Hair" among all of his co-workers at Wigle Whiskey for the 6th year in a row. His preferred drink after a hard day selling whiskey is a cup of chamomile tea. He sips it while staring wistfully at his trophy case, lamenting the one year he decided to shave his head.

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Tim Harden | Local Beer

Tim is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up. He's done it all so far: brewery tours, mobile food, Blackjack dealer, and certain governmental jobs that dogs don't take kindly to. He's also a lifelong Pittsburgher who is proud to promote adult beverages with the Stewards of Beer crew.

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Bob Gera | Wholesaler & Beer Reps

Bob Gera is a Regional Sales Manager for Fat Head’s Brewery.  Affectionately know as Bob the Beer Guy, he has been selling beer in the Pittsburgh market for 13 years.  Starting his beer career at Galli Beer Distributing in 2005, he then spent 6 years at The Global Brewers Guild representing multiple brands across 4 states, 2 years at Victory Brewing and then 2 years at Dogfish Head before finally finding his home at Fat Head’s.

Bob joined the Pittsburgh Libations Week Board because, although he is "The Beer Guy," he is also a big supporter of all of the food groups... beer, wine, and spirits.  You can often find Bob at many of the local breweries, wineries, and distilleries.

Email: (Yes, Glenn assigned me this!)

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