The Dude Imbibed

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As we've been saying from the very beginning, what we are creating is not something designed to last for just nine days in October. Think about it: if you had to limit all the fun you get to have in a year's time to a mere nine-day period, that would be an insane nine days followed by 356 days of boredom. That doesn't add up.

We are with you for 365 days a year, kids. You, me, our partners, those responsible for delivering a libations culture that's beyond reproach in Pittsburgh and beyond, everyone...we are all living in the moment day after day. And as each new day dawns, another opportunity to do something fun, meaningful, impactful, and educational comes with it. We are planning a week's worth of events from October 12th thru October 20th the likes of which has never been seen in the confluence of the Steel City. But we feel the rest of the calendar deserves equal attention.

That's why we are celebrating the greatness that is our adult beverage culture, promoting events happening all over town, dropping educational items on social media each and every day, and putting together our own events that present opportunities to learn, to support a good cause, and to have an incredible time.

One of those incredible times unfolded this past Saturday, February 10th. Pittsburgh Libations Week hit a big milestone as we successfully hosted a no-tap bowling tournament known as The Dude Imbibes. No-Tap means if you get a nine on your first throw, it counts as a strike. We paired this unique bowling concept with a Big Lebowski theme, White Russians, beers, wine, and barbecue at Crafton Ingram Lanes and the end result was a memorable day that left our nearly sold-out crowd asking when we were rolling out the sequel.

To answer that: next February. With a Kingpin theme. Mark it, Dude.

There are 10 of us on the Founding Board of Directors and all 10 played an integral role in making The Dude Imbibes come together. The work that goes on behind the scenes of event planning is something no one should take for granted and, without question, something that shouldn't be ignored. In addition, we had several lane sponsors not only join us to bowl, but also provide some great prizes for the tournament winners.

To say it was an incredible day would be an understatement. And the hard work of so many people paid off right up to when the final ball was rolled.

A huge thank you goes out to Crafton Ingram Lanes, Fat Head's Brewery, Wigle Whiskey, Full Pint Brewing, The Brooklyn Brewery, Levity Brewing, Aurochs Brewing, Pittsburgh Winery, Lawrenceville Distilling, Spoonwood Brewing, Mindful Brewing, The Pittsburgh Shirt Company, Lending Hearts, Pittsburgh Smokehouse, and The Modern Cafe for providing food, beverages, lane sponsorships, and prizes. Also, a big thank you to Buzzy Torek for handling the photography. Those images will be available to view on all our social media channels soon.

This is just the beginning. We have embarked on this mission to deliver Pittsburgh's adult beverage industry the type of recognition it deserves and each of us takes that very seriously. To build the necessary stage for Pittsburgh to shine, we feel it's necessary to connect with our community in every conceivable way.

So, be ready for more fun events. Be ready to learn more about what's happening throughout Pittsburgh's drinking scene. Be ready to learn more about the products you love. Be ready to join us as we continue our mission to put our great city in the upper echelon of nationwide adult beverage destinations.

Until next month, be safe, be responsible, and enjoy everything that comes your way.

To say it was an incredible day would be an understatement. And the hard work of so many people paid off right up to when the final ball was rolled.